Catalogue of Green Industry Innovation solutions 

practical, ready to be used solutions for the Bulgarian SMEs 

The catalogue is elaborated under the project "G4G - Greening For Growth", funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The project partners are the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria), SINTEF (Norway) and the Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy (Bulgaria). 

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Improving waste management. Driving waste reduction, improving recycling, and enhancing operational efficiency. See more 


 Feed additive to reduce enteric methane production in dairy cows and beef cattle. Composed of scientifically selected essential oil blends and are shown to have proven effects on rumen microbiota and gut health. See more here.

AgRHO® S-Boost™

Biobased biostimulant for seed application. Provides a sustainable method to improve crop yield and optimize agricultural production. See more here.

AMP Cortex™

AI-powered automation technology for identifying and recovering recyclables. Designed for faster and more precise recovery of plastics. See more

Antec Biofilm plugflow

Revolutionizing biogas production. Method to swiftly harness the energy from organic waste in just seven days. See more here.


A game-changing technology for optimized water efficiency. Allowing irrigation water savings, restoring salt-saturated soils, and saving resources - sustainably and without any chemicals. See more 

BioAgri Mulch Film

Biodegradable in soil agricultural film, making farmers' daily routines simpler. 
See more here.


Captures up to 100% of the excess heat to produce free hot water needed for cleaning and operation of the facilities. See more here.

Brande Hydrogen

Pioneering solution where a 3MW wind turbine is directly connected to an electrolyser without a grid connection.
See more here.

Breeze Technologies

Smart sensors for indoor air quality monitoring and improvement.
See more here.


Software to measure carbon footprint, plan a carbon strategy, reduce emissions, and monitor and report impacts. See more here.


Electrochemical water-treatment technique. Electrochemical Process for Metal Ion Recovery from Wastewater.
See more here.

Cellomur® Ultra ECA

Low carbon external thermal EPS insulation. Developed to be used as external thermal insulation under thin coating. See more here.


Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology. Example of energy efficiency, minimal waste, and robust biogas output.
See more here.

Chemical-free Varroa Treatment

Revolutionary heat treatment technology to kill Varroa mites. See more here.

Closed loop in reuse packaging-as-service

Circular model for convenience foods and take-away. See more here.

Compost K2

100% organic product. Its main application is for the improvement and restoration of compromised soils. See more here.

Containerized PEM Electrolyser

Improved hydrogen yield, ensuring a greater return on energy input. See more here.


Electricity from buoy enables carbon free system that balance to supply to demand at all times while requiring less generation capacity, less storage and less grid capacity. See more 

DC Scope

Software to reduce IT energy, by measuring and analyzing in real-time CO2 emissions of servers and virtual machines. Offering the functionalities needed in the administration of the virtual machines and the direction of the infrastructure. See more 


Water-based process to eliminate printing from plastics. Incorporates a water-treatment system to reuse the same water for several months, making it a very sustainable technology. See more here.

EGX Demo & EGX 10

Efficient method of waste management. Optimization of the process of handling oil-contaminated waste directly at production sites. See more here.

EOSDA Crop Monitoring 

Making agriculture easy with space technologies. Software which relies on the latest satellite data, processed and analyzed with widely-used and custom algorithms. See more here.

Exilva, cellulose fibrils

Natural and sustainable replacement for traditional oil-based additives, enhancing the rheology, stability, and structure across a variety of product formulations. See more here.


Zero-emissions hydrogen power generator. Does not emit CO2, HC, NOx or other fine particles. Only hot water and filtered air. See more

Gen2 Energy

Practical, efficient, and sustainable option for production of green hydrogen. See more here.


Self-contained power system, designed to operate autonomously, leveraging renewable energy sources like solar cells and wind generators. See more here.


Platform helping IT organizations measure, pilot and reduce their environmental footprint. 3 main modules for reducing environmental footprint. See more here.


An automated AEROponics system to grow full-size leafy greens in commercial greenhouses. See more

Just Catch™

Innovation in carbon capture technology. Modular carbon capture plant, designed to be standardized and scalable.
See more 


Colored solar panels of high efficiency and durability for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) installations. See more


Groundbreaking 3D solid-state technology for next-gen batteries. See more here.

Mobile DC fast charger

For heavy machinery, helping to decarbonise the construction industry.
See more here.

Monitor ERP

ERP system for manufacturing companies for managing business processes, particularly within the manufacturing sector. See more here.

N2 technology

Groundbreaking approach to fertilizer production, making it circular, local, and electric. See more here.

Nature Protect® SYNTILOR

Bio-based products for wood protection and decoration. See more


Hybrid system comprised of a set of tools to holistically purify contaminated water, soil and air, simultaneously. See more

Nitrate sensor

Helping farmers apply the exact amount of fertilizer needed, reducing waste, and preventing overuse which can lead to environmental harm. See more here.

Offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak

Capable of supplying green power to 600,000 households. See more here.

Rechargeable Oxide Ion Batteries 

Based on Mixed Conducting Oxide Electrodes. See more here.


Smart waste compactor reducing garbage volume at the source. See more here.


Renewable Dynamic Distributed Ammonia Plant. See more here.


“Do-it-yourself” battery regenerator. RegenBox offers diagnostic and regeneration solutions for non-rechargeable batteries that are still usable.
See more here.


Digital toolset for waste management and recycling. Software and recycling platform that helps companies optimize their waste management. See more here.

SEAB Energy Flexibuster

Small-scale modular container for transforming organic waste into energy
See more here.

SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions (SEES)

SEES tackles methane and flaring challenges head-on with the tools and services needed to measure emissions, reduce methane, and achieve zero routine flaring. See more here.

Smart office for reducing space usage

IoT platform for connected services. Software and smart object solution that halves work surfaces and reduces the associated environmental impact. See more here.


Automatic handwashing station. Uses 90% less water and 60% less soap compared to a normal hand washing cycle. See more here.

Solution for early detection and extinguishing of lithium-ion battery fires

This solution combines high pressure nitrogen gas with an easy-to-deploy system. See more here.


Stickers to extend the shelf-life of food. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh up to 2-weeks longer. See more here.

TEQOYA Air Purifiers

Based on an ozone-free negative ions generation technology. "Recreate the electrostatic abatement of pollutant particles indoors. See more here.

TGN Grid & TGN Aggregate

Unique energy management system (EMS) tailored for commercial buildings. See more here.

The Bubble Barrier

Technology to capture plastic pollution in rivers. Comprises 3 main components: the bubble curtain, the compressor, and the catchment system. See more

Smart recycling bin TrashBot

Sorts at the point of disposal with 96% accuracy while also educating every user that interacts with it. See more here.

Vertua Ultra Zero

Clinker-free geopolymer concrete technology to decarbonize the construction industry. See more here.


А way to conduct virtual site visits during the early stages of a project.
See more here.

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